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Current Consortium Projects

The following is a representative list of the current projects that are funded by the members of the GearLab Consortium. Each member has full access to the findings of these research projects including papers and theses.  

  • Development of a spline load distribution model, validation, and prediction of root stresses
  • Development of a planetary load distribution model
  • Planetary gear train efficiency
  • Development of advanced EHL models for gear contacts
  • Effect of spacing errors on dynamic stress factors and loaded transmission error
  • Development of a load distribution model for spiral bevel and hypoid gears
  • A model to predict overall transmission error of a planetary gear set
  • Enhancement of current WindowsLDP and RMC


Current Individually Sponsored Projects:

These projects are funded by a single company or a group of companies through an individual contract.  The findings of these research projects are kept limited to the sponsoring company and are not shared with the Consortium members unless they are disclosed by the sponsoring company. The following is the list of the recent and current individually funded research projects.  

  • Pratt & Whitney Center of Excellence in Gearbox Technology,  Pratt & Whitney
  • An Investigation of Drag Losses of Helical Gears, General Motors
  • An Experimental Investigation of the Impact of Forced Lubrication Parameters on Gearbox Efficiency and Pitting Life, Eaton Corporation
  • Measurement of Load Transmission Error of a Hypoid Pair with Misalignments, AAM
  • Development of Planetary Gear Dynamics Analysis Modules in pRMC and PTA (Co-PI: Dr. D. Talbot), Hyundai Motor Company
  • An Investigation of the Effect of Grind-Polishing Process on Gear Efficiency, General Motors
  • Evaluation of Loaded Transmission Error and Root Stresses of Hypoid Gear Pairs Subject to Misalignments, General Motors
  • Evaluation of Contact Fatigue Characteristics of Grind-Polished 4118M Spur Gears, Allison Transmission