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Gear Short Courses

Gear Dynamics and Gear Noise Short Courses.  This short course is offered by Dr. Raj Singh and Dr. Don Houser.  The purpose of this unique short course is to provide a better understanding of the mechanisms of gear noise generation, methods by which gear noise is measured and predicted, and techniques employed in gear noise and vibration reduction. Over the past 40+ years more than 2450 engineers and technicians from over 380 companies have attended the Gear Noise Short Course.  For more information, please visit



Planetary Gear Set Short Course

Covering Fundamentals of Planetary Gear Sets, Planetary Gear Set Design Procedures, Planetary Gear Train Analysis, Planet Load Sharing and Gear Set Tolerancing, Planetary Gear Set Dynamics, and Planetary Gear Set Efficiency.  This short course is offered by Dr. Ahmet Kahraman. 


Gear Tribology Short Course

A Two-day Industrial Short Course covering Fundamentals of Tribology, Fundamentals of Gear Contact, Rough Surface Tribology, Gear Wear, Gear System Efficiency, and Tribology Related Gear Failures.  This short course are offered by Dr. Ahmet Kahraman, Dr. Sheng Li, and Dr. David Talbot