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WindowsLDP (Load Distribution Program) is a quasi-static gear design and analysis tool for external and internal spur and helical gear pairs. This software program has been adapted and used extensively by most of the consortium members as the main gear design and analysis tool. Variations of this model to perform surface wear and duty cycle analyses are also available. WindowsLDP employs computationally efficient and accurate semi-analytical formulations to compute the load distribution between multiple mating teeth of gears. With the predicted load distribution, it computes the loaded transmission error, root and contact stress distributions, mesh stiffness functions, tooth forces as well as other design relative parameters such as lubricant film thickness and surface temperature. User has the choice of using SI or English units in the analyses. WindowsLDP’s capabilities also include multi-torque analyses and manufacturing robustness analyses. Shaft and bearing deflections are included in two levels of sophistication in the Simple Shaft and Complex Shaft modules of the program. Likewise, the influences of the rim deflections can be included by turning on the Thin-Rim option. Tooth modifications of various forms can be input interactively or can be read from the tooth surface measurements. The results are presented by an interactive graphical user interface that provides user the flexibility to process and present them in desired formats.