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List of Thesis

1 Allen Sun, MSc. 2015, "An Experimental Study of the Dynamic Response Of Spur Gears having Tooth Index Errors"
2 Jiazheng Hong, PhD. 2015, "A Semi-Analytical Load Distribution Model of Spline Joints"
3 Nick Leque, PhD. 2015, "Development of Load Sharing Models for Double-Helical Epicyclic Gear Sets"
4 Rohit Abraham, MSc. 2014, "An Experimental Study of Scuffing Performance of a Helical Gear Pair Subjected to Different Lubrication Methods"
5 Maru Kang, PhD. 2014, "A Study of Quasi-Static and Dynamic Behavior of Double-Helical Gears"
6 Michael James Handschuh, MSc. 2013, "An Investigation into the Impact of Random Spacing Errors on Static Transmission Error and Root Stresses of Spur Gear Pairs"
7 James Walter Brenneman, MSc. 2013, "An Experimental Study on the Scuffing Performance of High-Power Spur Gears at Elevated Oil Temperatures"
8 Niranjan P. Raghuraman, MSc. 2013, "A Calculation Procedure to Account for Transient Temperature, Humidity and Tolerance in the Load Distribution Analysis of Plastic and Metal Gears"
9 Jason Louis Austin, MSc. 2013, "A Multi-Component Analysis of a Wind Turbine Gearbox using a High Fidelity Finite Element Model"
10 Nial Tilson, MSc. 2013, "An Experimental Evaluation of Micro-Pitting Performance of Two Bearing Steels"
11 Justin Michael Franzen, MSc. 2013, "Contact Fatigue Evaluation of Ground and Chemically Polished Spur Gears Made of Aisi 4118 Alloy Steel"
12 Hyun Sik Kwon, PhD. 2013, "Development of Automated Design Tools for Automotive Automatic Transmission Gear System"
13 Joseph H. Polly, MSc. 2013, "An Experimental Investigation of Churning Power Losses of a Gearbox"
14 Thomas J. Prewitt, MSc. 2012, "Quasi-Static, Deformable-Body Analysis of a Face Gear-Thrust Bearing System"
15 Sam Shon, MSc. 2012, "An Experimental Study on the Impact Of Various Surface Treatments on Friction, Scuffing and Wear Characteristics of Lubricated Rolling-Sliding Contacts"
16 David Talbot, PhD. 2012, "An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of the Efficiency of Planetary Gear Sets"
17 Erdem Erkilic, MSc. 2012, "A Model to Predict Pocketing Power Losses in Spiral Bevel and Hypoid Gears"
18 Alex Stilwell, MSc. 2012, "An Experimental Study of Power Losses of Full-Complement Needle Bearings of Planetary Gear Sets"
19 Steve Wilson, MSc. 2012, "Traction and Wear Evaluation of a Number of Plastic Materials and Greases under Combined Rolling and Sliding Contact Conditions"
20 Prashant Sondkar, PhD. 2012, "Dynamic Modeling of Double-Helical Planetary Gear Sets"
21 David Pickens, MSc. 2012, "Experimental Assessment of the Dynamic Factors of Fzg Gear Tests as Well as an Evaluation of a Micropitting Load Capacity Formula"
22 Garrett Olson, MSc. 2012, "Experiments on the High-Power and High-Temperature Performance of Gear Contacts"
23 Sriram Madhavan, MSc. 2012, "A Study of Geometry and Deformable-Body Characteristics of Non-Right Angle Worm Gear Pairs"
24 Anindo Banerjee, MSc. 2012, "A Model to Predict Sun Gear Radial Orbit of a Planetary Get Set having Manufacturing Errors"
25 Mohammad Hotait, PhD. 2011, "A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation on Bending Strength and Fatigue Life of Spiral Bevel and Hypoid Gears"
26 Aaron Thaler, MSc. 2011, "A High Fidelity Finite Element and Contact Analysis Investigation of Stresses and Motions of a Wind Turbine Gearbox"
27 Nick Leque, MSc. 2011, "Development of an Experimental Methodology for Evaluation of Gear Contact Fatigue under High-Power and High-Temperature Conditions"
28 Sumanth Kashyap, MSc. 2011, "Development of a Procedure to Describe Plastic Gear Geometry After a Temperature Change with Application to the Prediction of Gear Load Distribution"
29 Matthew B. Milliren, MSc. 2011, "An Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Various Gear Steels on the Contact Fatigue Lives of Hard Ground Spur Gears"
30 Mark R. Milliren, MSc. 2011, "An Experimental Investigation Into the Influence of Various Errors on the Transmission Error and Root Stresses of Spur Gears"
31 Sandeep Makam, MSc. 2010, "An Experimental Study on the Influence of Misalignments on the Static Transmission Error of Hypoid Gear Pairs"
32 Joewen Liu, PhD. 2010, "A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Roller and Gear Scuffing"
33 Devin Hilty, MSc. 2010, "An Experimental Investigation of Spin Power Losses of Planetary Gear Sets"
34 Brian Boguski, MSc. 2010, "An Experimental Investigation of the System–Level Behavior of Planetary Gear Sets"
35 Aaron Sanders, MSc. 2010, "An Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Elliptical Root Shapes and Asymmetric Teeth on Root Stresses and Bending Fatigue Lives"
36 Steven Harpster, MSc. 2009, "A Feasibility Study on Development of Dust Abrasion Resistant Gear Concepts for Lunar Vehicle Gearboxes"
37 Satya Seetharaman, PhD. 2009, "An Investigation of Load-independent Power Losses of Gear Systems"
38 Josh Hurley, MSc. 2009, "An Experimental Investigation of Thermal Behavior of an Automotive Rear Axle"
39 Aarthy Vidyanathan, MSc. 2009, "An Experimental Investigation of Helical Gear Efficiency"
40 Mark Klein, MSc. 2009, "An Experimental Investigation of Materials and Surface Treatments on Gear Contact Fatigue Life of Roller and Gear Scuffing"
41 Murat Inalpolat, PhD. 2009, "A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Modulation Sidebands of Planetary Gear Sets"
42 Mohsen Kolivand, PhD. 2009, "Development of Tooth Contact and Mechanical Efficiency Models for Face-Milled and Face-Hobbed Hypoid and Spiral Bevel Gears"
43 Maru Kang, MSc. 2009, "Measurement of Vibrations of Gears Supported By Compliant Shafts"
44 Karthikeyan R Marambedu, MSc. 2009, "Development of a Procedure for the Analysis of Load Distribution, Stresses and Transmission Error of Straight Bevel Gears Gears having Local and Global Surface Deviations"
45 Daehyun Park, PhD. 2009, "Development of Surface Wear and Lapping Simulation Models for Hypoid Gears"
46 Zachary H. Wright, MSc. 2008, "Loaded Transmission Error Measurement System for Spur and Helical Gears"
47 Timothy A. Szweda, MSc. 2008, "An Experimental Study of Power Losses of an Automotive Manual Transmission"
48 Travis T. Petry-Johnson, MSc. 2007, "Experimental Investigation of Spur Gear Efficiency"
49 Mohammad Hotait, MSc. 2007, "Influence of Shaft Misalignments On Root Stresses of Helical Gears With Lead Crown"
50 Michael D. Moorhead, MSc. 2007, "Experimental Investigation of Spur Gear Efficiency and The Development of a Helical Gear Efficiency Test Machine"
51 Michael D. Heskamp, MSc. 2007, "Development of a Digital Data Acquisition and Analysis System for The Measurement of Dynamic Transmission Error of Spur and Helical Gear Pairs"
52 Ji Youp Park, MSc. 2007, "Plastic Gear Surface Temperature and Wear Behavior"
53 Jeremy Bluestein, MSc. 2007, "An Experimental Study of the Impact of Various Tooth Surface Treatments on Spur Gear Pitting Life"
54 Huali Ding, PhD. 2007, "A Study of Interactions between Dynamic Bevahior of Gear Systems and Surface Wear"
55 Haris Ligata, PhD. 2007, "Impact of System-Level Factors on Planetary Gear Set Behavior"
56 David Talbot, MSc. 2007, "Finite Element Analysis of Geared Shaft Assemblies and Thin-Rimmed Gears"
57 Jae Hyuk Lim, MSc. 2006, "A Dynamic Model of a Spur Gear Pair With Contact Friction"
58 Venkata (Krishna) Tamminana, MSc. 2005, "A Study on the Relationship between the Dynamic Factor and The Dynamic Transmission Error of Spur Gear Pairs"
59 Hubert Ma, PhD. 2005, "A Study of the Dynamic Behavior of Piecewise Nonlinear Oscillators with Time-Varying Stiffness"
60 Hai Xu, PhD. 2005, "Development of a Generalized Mechanical Efficiency Prediction Methodology for Gear Pairs"
61 Aaron Schmitkons, MSc. 2005, "Loaded Bevel Gear Static Transmission Error Test Stand Redesign and Assessment"
62 Tom Schachinger, MSc. 2004, "The Effects of Isolated Transmission Error, Force Shuttling, and Frictional Excitations On Gear Noise and Vibration"
63 Lisa Ghezzi , MSc. 2004, "Multiple Mesh Gear optimization Procedures using Run Many Cases "
64 Jae Yeol Park, MSc. 2004, "Gear Mesh and Gear Support System Analysis using a Finite Element Geared Shaft Model"
65 Feng Liu  , MSc. 2004, "Face Gear Design and Compliance Analysis  "
66 Akash Chaudhuri, MSc. 2004, "Reduced Geometric Error of Gears Via Gas-Assisted Injection Molding"
67 Abhinav Bajpai , MSc. 2004, "The Effect of Gear Geometry and Surface Finish on Measured Transmission Error and Noise for Several Gear Sets "
68 Venkataraman Kartik , MSc. 2003, "Analytical Prediction of Load Distribution and Transmission Error for Multiple-Mesh Gear-Trains and Dynamic Studies in Gear Noise and Vibration "
69 Tugan Eritenel , MSc. 2003, "Development of a Three Dimensional Dynamic Load Distribution Program"
70 Muquarram Colabawala , MSc. 2003, "A Study of Gear Whine Noise Acquisition and Analysis Techniques "
71 Eddy Sugyarto , MSc. 2002, "The Kinematic Study, Geometry Generation, and Load Distribution Analysis of Spiral Bevel and Hypoid Gears"
72 Sean Wright, MSc. 2001, "Face Gear Contact Analysis Program Development Using the Thin Slice Method"
73 Satyanarayana Merugu, MSc. 2001, "Analysis of Geared Shaft Configurations and Thin Rimmed Gears Using Finite Element Method"
74 Manish Vaishya, PhD. 2001, "Vibro-Acoustic Characteristics of Sliding Friction in Geared Rotor Systems"
75 Husni Wijaya, MSc. 2001, "Effect of Spacing Errors and Runout on Transverse Load Sharing and Dynamic Factors and Idler Gear Dynamic Analysis"
76 David Binney, MSc. 2001, "Generation of Face Gear Geometry for Kinematic Study and Loaded Analysis"
77 Daria Kotys, MSc. 2001, "Improving Gear Accuracy through Gas-Assisted Injection Molding"
78 Chalermpong Boonsue, MSc. 2001, "Comparison of the Effect of Input Variables of the Performance of Optimization Programs, General and Eval4"
79 Yuping Cheng, PhD. 2000, "Dynamics of Hypoid and Bevel Geraed Rotor Systems"
80 Chris Snow, MSc. 2000, "An Investigation of the Geometry, Transmission Error and Noise of Injection Molded Gears"
81 Bryan O’Harra, MSc. 2000, "Static and Dynamic Analysis of the Variable Center Distance Test Rig"
82 Brandon Roesti, MSc. 2000, "Refinements in Root Stress Analyis, Modeling and Simulation of Several Spur and Helical Gear Sets"
83 Xiaogen Su, PhD. 1999, "Generation, Measurement and Reverse Engineering of Three-Dimensional Gears"
84 Gary R. Poling, MSc. 1999, "Hypoid Gear Test Rig Transmission Error Measurement Enhancement and Topics in Root Stresses of Several Gear Types"
85 Ashley Dunn, MSc. 1999, "Methods for Researching Gear Whine in Automotive Transmissions"
86 Isaias C. Regalado, PhD. 1998, "Application of Robustness in the Multi-Objective Optimization of Gears"
87 Gandhi Gopinath, MSc. 1998, "Analysis of Geared Shafts Using Finite Element Techniques"
88 Ravikiran Kalluri, MSc. 1997, "Refinements in Root Stress Predictions at the Edges of Helical Gear Teeth"
89 Leonard Liauwnardi, MSc. 1997, "Plastic Gear Transmission Error Measurements and Predictions"
90 David Hochmann, PhD. 1997, "Friction Force Excitations in Spur and Helical Involute Parallel Axis Gearing"
91 Brett Guhde, MSc. 1997, "Two Dimensional Gear Hobbing Simulation"
92 Avinashchandra Singh, PhD. 1997, "An Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Stress Wave Propagation Across Interfaces"
93 Victor Bolze, MSc. 1996, "Static and Dynamic Transmission Error Measurements and Predictions and Their Relation to Measured Noise for Several Gear Sets"
94 Jun-Kyung Song, MSc. 1996, "Vibration Measurement on the Back-To-Back Stand by using Laser Vibrometer"
95 Jon Wright, MSc. 1996, "An evaluation of the Gear Noise in an Automatic Transmission"
96 Aaron M. Dziech, MSc. 1996, "Design of a Loaded Static Transmission Error Tester for Non-Parallel Axis Gearing"
97 Jonny Harianto, MSc. 1995, "The Effect of Manufacturing Errors on Predicted Dynamic Factors of Spur Gears"
98 Greg Matson, MSc. 1995, "A Synamic Study of a Back-toBack Gear Test Stand"
99 Gordon Schroeder, MSc. 1995, "Torsional Vibration Isolation of a Flange Mounted Planetary Gearbox"
100 Manish Prabhu, MSc. 1994, "Load Distribution and Transmission Error in Thin-Rimmed Gears Through Finite Element Analysis"
101 James Graber, MSc. 1994, "A Theoretical and Experimental Study of Static and Dynamic Transmission Error for Spur and Helical Gears with Various Modifications and Contact Ratios"
102 Chun Li, MSc. 1994, "Automatic Design Method of Minimizing Gear Transmission Error with Torque Insensitivity"
103 Sean O'Neal, MSc. 1993, "Prediction and Experimental Verification of Stresses at the Edges of Helical Gear Teeth"
104 Sathya Vaidyanathan, PhD. 1993, "Application of Plate and Shell Models in the Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis of Bevel and Hypoid Gears"
105 Mark. Clapper, MSc. 1993, "Gear Root Stress Prediction and Comparisons to Experimental and FEM Results"
106 Craig Blazakis, MSc. 1993, "Effects of Thin-Rimmed Geometry on crack Propagation Path and Single Tooth Bending Fatigue Life of Spur Gears"
107 Vaidya Krishnan, MSc. 1992, "A Finite Element Procedure for Analyzing the Effects of Flexible Gear Blank Compliance on Load Distribution"
108 Siva Sundaresan, PhD. 1992, "Design Optimization Procedure Using Robustness for Minimizing Transmission Error in Spur and Helical Gear"
109 Jeff Wheitner, MSc. 1992, "Investigation of the Effects of Manufacturing Variations and Materials on Fatigue Crack Detection Methods in Gear Teeth"
110 David Hochmann, MSc. 1992, "An Improved Loaded Single Flank Static Transmission Error Tester"
111 Avinash Singh, MSc. 1992, "Analysis of Spur and Helical Gears Using a Combination of Finite Element and Surface Integral Techniques"
112 Anand Narayan, MSc. 1992, "Analysis of Worm Gears Using Finite Quasi Prismatic Elements"
113 Jacob Thomas, MSc. 1991, "A Procedure for Predicting the Load Distribution and Transmission Error Characteristics of Double Helical Gears"
114 Harsh Vinayak, MSc. 1991, "An Experimental Study of Dynamic Transmission Error of Gear Pairs with Different Shaft Misalignments"
115 Frank Barhorst, MSc. 1991, "Detection of Fatigue Crack Initiation using Spur Gear Tooth Dynamic Stiffness changes during Load Controlled Single Tooth Fatigue Tests"
116 Craig Foster, MSc. 1991, "Digital Control of a Loaded Single Flank Transmission Error Measuirement System"
117 Atul Jhalani, MSc. 1991, "Development of a Three Dimensional Automatic Mesh Generation Program for Finite Quasi Prismatic Analysis of Spur and Helical Gears"
118 V. Seetharaman, MSc. 1990, "Dynamic Analysis of Rotors Incorporating the Axial Coupling of Helical Gears"
119 Sandeep Tilak, MSc. 1990, "Design, Analysis and Inspection of Spiral Bevel and Hypoid Gears using Tooth Contact Analysis Programs"
120 Pete Biggert, MSc. 1990, "Comparisons between Measured and Predicted Tranmission Error of Unloaded Spur Gears"
121 Manish Vaishya, MSc. 1990, "Machine Simulation and Profile Generation in General Gear Manufacturing Processes"
122 M. Gopikrishnan, MSc. 1990, "Development of Finite Element Mesh Based on Manufacturing setup for Worm Gear Contact Analysis"
123 Eugene Liu, MSc. 1990, "Determination of Gear Root Stresses using Cantilever Plate Theory and Moment Image"
124 Siva Sundaresan, MSc. 1989, "The Development of a Knowledge Based Gear Design System which Incorporates Manufacturing Sensitivities which Affect Gear Noise"
125 Sathya Vaidyanathan, MSc. 1989, "The Use of the SPBEVL program for the Design of Forging Dies for Spiral Bevel Gears"
126 Luis Rojas, MSc. 1989, "Manual transmission gear rattle simulation and experimentation"
127 Jinmy Adjunta, MSc. 1989, "Design of Patterns and the Dimensional Evaluation of Gears Produced by the Investment and V-Sand Casting Processes"
128 J.S. (Alex) Lin, MSc. 1989, "Experimental Analysis of Dynamic Force Transmissibility through Bearings"
129 Chandra Sawh, MSc. 1989, "Design and Development of a Back to Back Gear Tester for dynamic Transmission Error Measurement"
130 Bernard Renggli, MSc. 1989, "Experimental and Finite Element Models for the Analysis of Die forces during Gear Extrusion"
131 Win Young, MSc. 1988, "Force transmissibility modeling of bearings and housings"
132 Timothy Craig Schutt, MSc. 1988, "Development of a Loaded Single Flank Transmission Error Measurement System using a Drive/Load Motor Configuration"
133 Suresh Duraisamy, MSc. 1988, "Optimal Root Geometry and Fatigue Testing of Spur Gears"
134 G. Wesley Blankenship, MSc. 1988, "Development and Testing of a Variable Center Distance Gear Noise Test Facility"
135 Biplab Sarkar , MSc. 1988, "The use of a coordinate measurement machine for the measurement of gear tooth blanks and finish machined gears"
136 Sandeep Vijayakar, PhD. 1987, "Finite Element Analysis of Quasi-Prismatic Bodies with Application to Gears"
137 Robert Stakely, MSc. 1987, "Operating Parameters for a Loaded Rubber Belt CVT under both Driving and Test Stand Configurations"
138 Jeff Eucker, MSc. 1987, "Measuring Gear Tooth Surfaces and Gear Tooth Deflections Using Holographic Interferometry"
139 Edward Yau, MSc. 1987, "Analysis of Shear Effect on Gear Tooth Deflections using the Rayleigh-Ritz Energy Method"
140 Chris O'Connor, MSc. 1987, "Techniques for Measuring Torsional Vibration and Gear Rattle"
141 Timothy Magisos, MSc. 1986, "Measurement of Loaded Single Flank Transmission Error in Gesars using a Back-toBack Test Stand"
142 Mark Stegemiller, MSc. 1986, "The Effects of Base Flexibility on Thick Beams and Plates used in Gear Tooth Deflection Models"
143 Charles Denniston, MSc. 1986, "The Finite Element Analysis of Cogged V-belts in Two and Three Dimensions"
144 Sam Linzell, MSc. 1985, "Performance Analysis of a Hydraulically Actuated Rubber V-Belt Continuously Variable Transmission"
145 Kirk Wirth, MSc. 1985, "Automotive Application of a Dual Hydraulically Actuated Rubber V-Belt CVT"
146 Duane Bassett, MSc. 1985, "Design of a Loaded, Gear Transmission Error Tester"
147 David Lowe, MSc. 1985, "Experimental Determination of Spur Gear Tooth Deflection and Load Distribution and a Comparison with Predictions"
148 Tony Previte, MSc. 1984, "Design, Development, and Testing of a Microcomputer Controlled, Dual Hydraulically Actuated, Rubber V-Belt, Continuously Variable Transmission"
149 Glen Steyer, PhD. 1984, "Spectral Estimations of Acoustic Intensity, Energy Density and Surface Velocity Using a Multi-Microphone Probe"
150 Douglas Pape, MSc. 1984, "Feasibility of Detecting Involute Crowning in  Helical Gears by Signal Analysis"
151 David Yakubek, MSc. 1984, "Plate Bending and Finite Element Analysis of Spur and Helical Gear Tooth Deflections"
152 Robert Comparin, MSc. 1983, "The Dynamic Analysis of a Machine Tool Spindle"
153 Richard Smigel, MSc. 1983, "A Comparison of Load Distribution Predictions with Measured Shaft Deflections and Gear Tooth Strains"
154 Massoud Tavakoli, MSc. 1983, "Optimization of Spur Gear Transmission Error using Profile Modifications"
155 Gholamreza Hosseini, MSc. 1983, "Three Dimensional Automatic Mesh Generation Program for Spur and Helical Gear Teeth"
156 Gary Zaremsky, MSc. 1983, "Acoustic Intensity  and Modal Analyses of a Gearbox Casing Plate"
157 Mohammed Rajab, PhD. 1982, "Modeling of the Transmissibility through Rolling-Element Bearings Under Radial and Moment Loads"
158 Duane Mattern, MSc. 1981, "Digital Control of a Continuously Variable Rubber V-Belt Transmission for an Automobile"
159 Mark Lamontia, MSc. 1979, "Dynamic Modeling of Engine Block Components"
160 Leonard Shaw, MSc. 1979, "Airframe Aerodynamic Noise - Total Radiated Acoustic Power Approach"
161 P. Vohariwatt, MSc. 1978, "The Effects of Gear Fault and Coupling Misalignment on the Vibration Responses of a Geared System"
162 Mordehy Cohen, MSc. 1978, "Measurement of Heat Generated in a V-Belt Drive"
163 David Edmunds, MSc. 1977, "A Multi-Variable Control for a Variable Area Turbine Engine"
164 Greg Takacs, MSc. 1976, "Dynamics of Printing Blankets"
165 Al Gonsiska, MSc. 1976, "Nonlinear Analysis of V-Belt Vibration"
166 Merlin Stingle, MSc. 1975, "Quality Control of Refrigeration Hermetic Compressors Using Signature Analysis"
167 Michael Drosjack, PhD. 1974, "An Analytical and Experimental Study of the Effects of Tooth Surface Faults on a Geared System's Dynamic Response"
168 Mark Monsarrat, MSc. 1974, "Axial and Bending Fatigue of V-Belts"
169 Ron Cook, MSc. 1973, "Multi-function Reactivity Insertion Device: Design and System Evaluation"
170 Mitchell L. Yeary, MSc. 1973, "The Performance and Efficiency of the Asymmetric Variable Speed V-Belt Drive"
171 Arthur Tinney, MSc. 1973, "The Analysis of Rolling Element Bearing Vibration Diagnostic Techniques"
172 Donald F. Sebian, MSc. 1972, "The Measurement and Display of Mechanical Speech Parameters"
173 Daniel E. Kimmet, MSc. 1972, "The Motion of a V-Belt in a V-Groove in an Unloader Drive"
174 Arthur A. Goldstein, MSc. 1972, "The Design and Development of a Closed Loop Hydraulic Dynamometer for a Rotating System"
175 Ying Yen Kuo, MSc. 1971, "Investigation of Tube Transit Systems"
176 Steve Goddard, MSc. 1971, "Gear Compliance and its Dynamic Effects"
177 Douglas J. Niemeyer, MSc. 1971, "The Design of an Electro-Pneumatic Transducer for Use in Sensory Aid Applications"