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The Gear and Power Transmission Research Laboratory (GearLab), formerly the Gear Dynamics and Gear and Power Transmission Laboratory, is a research group dedicated to aiding sponsoring industries and government agencies by

  • enhancing gear and power transmission technology through fundamental and applied research and transfer research results,
  • providing graduate and under-graduate students with applied educational and research opportunities in gear and power transmission related disciplines, and
  • keeping sponsors updated on latest gear technologies.


Funded by a large global industrial consortium and individual grants from government agencies and companies, GearLab supports a rGearLab Consortium Meeting 2015esearch group of full-time staff, graduate associates and post-doctoral fellows to conducts both long- and short-term research project on various aspects of power transmission and gearing. It develops and supports gear design and analysis software programs for the use of its sponsors as well as performing experimental research activities for model validation and empirical evaluation purposes. In addition, it facilitates a number of short courses on gears for training of practicing engineers.


Gearlab operates from state-of-the-art facilities, named as The Gleason Gear and Power Transmission Laboratories, thanks to a generous gift by the Gleason Family Foundation.